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Safe Step launches Power Punch

09 October 2018

SAFE GUARDING human life and property has never been greater than in modern day history, with the estimated valuation of the Fire Safety market estimated at 93.46 Billion USD by the year 2122.

Latest Fire statistics reveal that there were 564,827 incidents attended by Fire Service  between 2017 to March 2018. Of these incidents 167,150 were fires - a 3% increase on the previous year. Statistics also confirm that there were 334 fire related fatalities in the UK last year, a 27% increase in fire related deaths.This figure included the 72 who perished in the Grenfell Tower tragedy.  (source; UK Home Office)

However we believe there is a gap, a gap in terms of Fire safety equipment that deals with BS Standard toughened glass in an emergency evacuation.

From the turn of the century Architects have been instrumental in how we live, to where we work, in forming buildings we now come to know as cities. Because of its cost and durability, glass became an industrial workhorse and impacted into society, helping to accommodate generations across the globe.Making glass in the industrial world simply something we cannot live without!

Did you know that when commercial glass is free from all its inpurities it can resist impact of of 25,000 pounds making it stronger than most metals!

For Companies that employ people, you may not be aware, you have a legal obligation to assess the health and safety risks of your operations, and part of that assesment is to determine the safest way out in the case of a fire or any emergency situation that necessitates immediate evacuation including BS Toughened Glass.

Through eight years of design and meticulous testing we are proud to announce SAFE STEP the revolutionary game changer with regards health and safety within the workplace and home.

The firm is pleased to announce POWER PUNCH the tungsten carbide tipped glass enforcer that can smash through any toughened BS glazed unit endorsed by UK Building regulations.

SAFE STEP also comes complete with a quick release light weight emergency escape ladder. By incorporating the emergency escape ladder into the SAFE STEP model the company is convinced that it has designed a piece of fire escape apparatus, that is essential to any environment, where a persons safety may be compromised by BS toughened Glass.

Now registered with the IPO and protected by the companies intellecutual attorney, SAFE STEP has recently been nominated by SGUK Health & Safety Innovation Idea Award  2018/19. 

We would like to take this opportuinity to invite prospective companies this wonderful opportunity of joining the biggest break through in fire safety history in the last 100 years! 

For more information please check out SAFE STEP website www.safestepdesign.co.uk

Alternatively please contact sales 07624-365880