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Tyco Illustra Flex multi-sensor cameras launched by Johnson Controls

30 October 2020

JOHNSON CONTROLS has further expanded its Tyco Illustra range with the launch of a new Flex multi-directional camera. Designed to provide a highly cost-effective solution for monitoring activity over wide open spaces, the second generation Illustra Flex multi-directional camera is equipped with four separate image sensors which can be individually positioned and angled to provide up to 360 degrees of coverage via four separate non-stitched video streams.

Each of the four sensors are able to capture 4 MP images, enabling the camera to cover an area which might normally require four separate HD video surveillance cameras. As well as the reduced capital cost, systems integrators and end users can enjoy additional time and cost savings as the Illustra Flex multi-directional camera requires less cabling and mounting hardware. In fact, it also only needs a single IP connection.

The Illustra Flex multi-sensor camera boasts a magnetic base that enables each sensor to be independently placed, while a three-axis gimbal on each sensor allows their individual fields of view to be finely tuned. This provides end users with a multitude of configuration options to deliver, for example, 360-degree coverage of large open plan office areas, retail stores and car parks, 270-degree coverage when the cameras are installed externally on the corner of a building or, alternatively, a 180-degree field of view when the new camera models are mounted on a wall.

The ONVIF Profile S-compliant Illustra Flex multi-sensor camera’s other key features include field-swappable lens modules, true day/night functionality with a removable infrared cut filter (which enables the camera to operate effectively in low light conditions) and true Wide Dynamic Range (which performs at up to 50 dB to deliver clear images captured from scenes which might contain bright and dark areas).

Support for the H.264 and MJPEG compression formats allows up to three simultaneous video streams to be efficiently transmitted and recorded at up to 30 frames per second, while also efficiently managing bandwidth to reduce storage costs.

There’s the flexibility to choose between overview and detailed images for each stream and also Power over Ethernet support, which negates the need to provide a separate power supply and cabling for each camera. Importantly, these new cameras are also IP66 rated.

All Tyco Illustra cameras are covered by the Johnson Controls Cyber Solutions Product Security Programme introduced to give all parties in the supply chain the confidence that Johnson Controls has minimised the possibility of introducing vulnerabilities into its Tyco-branded electronic security solutions.

*Further information is available online at www.johnsoncontrols.com