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New Fireray One beam smoke detector

20 July 2020

FFE LTD has produced the industry’s first one-minute auto-aligning smoke beam detector, Fireray One.

This new design incorporates all the leading features we have honed over the years and with the latest advanced components we have produced a beam detector that out performs all other beams in the market place.

The Fireray One has been engineered to deliver an advanced detection system, ensuring total simplicity for the end-user. 

The beam smoke detector self-aligns in just one minute and offers a sophisticated solution to those wishing to protect large commercial and public spaces with a simple, ONE PERSON INSTALLATION process. To achieve such simplicity for the end-user, a lot of hard engineering work and knowledge has been put into the detector itself. These features ensure that anyone can align this new beam detector perfectly. 

In addition, the detector overcomes common issues such as false alarms caused by building movement that can compromise safety; and visible units that compromises aesthetics. 

The Fireray One also has patented Light Cancellation Technology™ installed, enabling installation in places that could be exposed to increased sunlight or fluorescent lighting without the fear of a false alarm. 

For a demonstration or a quotation for the Fireray One beam smoke detector contact FFE on 01462 444740 or please visit: www.ffeuk.com