FIA survey designed to highlight impact of COVID-19 on UK's fire industry

11 May 2020

THE GOVERNMENT has asked the Fire Industry Association (FIA) to consult with its members such that the latter can outline in what ways they've been impacted by the pandemic. The responses will help to inform how Government can work with the fire industry to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19.

During what is undoubtedly an unprecedented time for every business sector, now is the moment for FIA members to help shape the future of the fire industry itself.

The FIA has put together its survey by focusing squaring on practising fire industry professionals, stressing that the responses received will provide crucial insights that then enable the Association to represent members' needs, wants and desires more effectively to the organisations and people that matter.

The survey is going to be followed by a comprehensive report that will be published in early June.

This survey covers multiple topics, all of them relevant to the rapidly changing business and workforce environment, and the answers gathered will undoubtedly assist companies in beginning to plan for the future.

The survey consists of 30 questions and will take around 15 minutes to complete.

*Access the questions at

**If respondents have any questions regarding the survey they should send an e-mail to