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Fire safety stakeholders urged to join European Fire Safety Community

05 May 2020

ALL THOSE practitioners involved in fire safety agree that there's an overriding need to share information and create new solutions. With this in mind, Fire Safe Europe has built the digital space to do just that with the European Fire Safety Community: an all- new, open-to-all Fire Safe Europe membership.

The permanent online space enables fire safety stakeholders to connect, pool knowledge and collaboratively improve fire safety in buildings. 240-plus practitioners have already joined the movement across Europe and are benefiting from exclusive interviews with policymakers and fire safety experts, key intelligence on legislation and initiatives on fire safety at the EU level and interactive podcasts and webinars on central fire safety issues.

The European Fire Safety Community intends to foster the emergence of concrete solutions. That’s precisely why it focuses in-depth on three highly relevant topics at the EU level:

Data Collection

A dedicated Advisory Panel analyses what already exists on fire safety data collection, fosters the exchange of Best Practice and aims to support the European Commission’s tender on closing data gaps and paving the way for pan-European fire safety efforts. The benefits of belonging to this group include an episode of the Data Project Podcast with MEP Theresa Griffin, as well as an exclusive webinar with Dr Kate Nguyen on the methodology and strategy used by the International Fire Safety Standards Colaition to develop its fire terminology glossary.

Facades Fire Safety

The benefits of being in this Advisory Panel involve being privy to comparisons on regulation and standards as well as regular updates on the European Commssion’s work focused on the development of a European approach towards assessing the fire performance of facades.

Sustainable Buildings

Amid the EU Green Deal, the European Fire Safety Community intends to reinforce buildings’ sustainability by inserting into the sustainability debate an element that has been omitted so far: fire resilience.

*Access the European Fire Safety Community page for further details