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C-TEC creates video focused on Best Practice for building evacuation

11 December 2020

LIFE SAFETY systems manufacturer C-TEC has created a new Evacuation Alert Systems video to demonstrate exactly how evacuation alert systems can be used to assist the Fire and Rescue Services in evacuating all or part of a high-rise residential building in an emergency situation.

Engaging, educational and fast-moving, the video specifically highlights how devices in individual flats can be programmed to evacuate residents on a zone-by-zone basis in an emergency should ‘Stay Put’/’Defend in Place’ fail.

Andy Green, C-TEC’s marketing manager, informed Fire Safety Matters: “New recommendations outlined in the Grenfell Tower Inquiry Report and the BS 8629 Code of Practice mean the demand for evacuation alert systems is rising. Our short instructional video provides an excellent overview of why, where and how such systems are used and is timed to coincide with the launch of EVAC-ALERT, a new evacuation alert system specifically designed by C-TEC to meet the requirements of BS 8629.”

Housed in a robust vandal-resistant locked cabinet accessible only by the Fire and Rescue Service in an emergency, the EVAC-ALERT control panel features an intuitive interface, bright LED indicators and easy-to-operate toggle switches for each evacuation zone.

Each panel can connect to an array of evacuation alert devices including sounders, visual alert devices and even vibrating devices and pagers to alert the deaf, hard of hearing or mobility impaired.

Highly flexible, EVAC-ALERT is comprised of EN54-2/4 third party certified components and can be used to create building-specific wired, wireless or hybrid evacuation alert systems in consultation with the relevant Fire and Rescue Service.

*Watch the C-TEC video on evacuation systems here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhtU2DtAN7w