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Single-loop fire panel for EN markets launched by Advanced

21 September 2022

AXISGO IS the new generation single-loop fire panel from Advanced that’s designed to provide cost-effective access to Axis EN range performance, quality and ease of use in a simpler, non-networkable format that delivers “complete fire protection peace of mind”.

Available to order in a range of countries where EN standards apply, AxisGo is badged as “the ideal solution” for single-panel sites from restaurants and bars through to small offices, shops, salons and surgeries.

Installation and configuration of the AxisGo fire panel saves time and money. An easy-fit chassis coupled with the door design enables fast fitting, while familiar controls and menus mean that there’s no lengthy learning curve. Intuitive new configuration software renders programming quicker and easier, while a powerful design checker proves the system will work even before any site visit is conducted. In addition, enhanced diagnostics mean fewer faults, faster fixes and better long-term performance.

Sophisticated ‘cause and effect’-style programming, in tandem with false alarm management and reduction options, ensures full versatility when it comes to meeting the needs of more complex sites.

AxisGo has been developed with the needs of integrators, engineers and end users very firmly in mind. These new fire panels boast 15 zonal LEDs as standard for clearer visual indication. There’s no need to purchase a separate LED zone card. A range of versatile AxisGo devices also provides complete freedom to quickly and easily design the perfect wired or wireless solution for any standalone site. Further cost savings and flexibility are available thanks to a choice of two panel address sizes designed to meet site-specific requirements.

Performance, reliability and flexibility

Vladimir Zrnic, sales manager for Europe at Advanced, informed Fire Safety Matters: “In developing AxisGo, we wanted to ensure that our customers would benefit from the performance, reliability and flexibility they’ve come to expect from our premium Axis EN range, but in a cost-effective, single-loop format for simpler sites where networking’s not needed.”

Zrnic added: “AxisGo is brimming with features that make it easy to use, not to mention the latest microprocessor technology. Engineers are able to fit the panel with confidence, check the installation and then move on to their next job, knowing full well that people and property are safely protected from fire.”

Certified by FM Approvals to EN54 Parts 2 and 4, AxisGo is available with two address variants (ie 50 and 240 addresses) for site-specific flexibility. The panel offers support for both wired and wireless devices and incorporates enhanced diagnostics. 

AlarmCalm false alarm management and reduction software is built-in as standard.

*Further information is available online at www.advancedco.com