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Changing nature of risk whitepaper

25 September 2018

EXPERTS FROM fire, facilities management and health and safety, joined Evac+Chair International, the world’s leading supplier and manufacturer of evacuation chairs, to debate The Changing Nature of Risk at a roundtable event in Birmingham.

Guests were invited to consider how the modern workplace is changing, where and how the terrorism threat is impacting on policy and behaviours, what impact the design and accessibility of the built environment is having on emergency procedures and training, as well as how to meet the needs of workforces which now feature aging and more mobility-impaired people among their numbers.

Their views helped to inform this white paper which explores The Changing Nature of Risk and how this should inform health, safety and evacuation planning in the future. You can download the white paper for free at www.evacchair.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Whitepaper.pdf

Evac+Chair are a leading manufacturer of evacuation chairs and equipment, it offers extensive advice and guidelines designed to ensure that wheelchair users and those with restricted mobility are able to vacate a building safely and quickly. From evacuation equipment to planning procedures, it offers a expert knowledge and also provide peace of mind that you are fully equipped when it comes to emergency evacuation.

For more information, visit www.evacchair.co.uk