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MK5 range of evacuation chairs introduced by Evac+Chair for added safety

12 October 2020

EVAC+CHAIR has introduced a new range of evacuation chairs designed to enhance passenger safety and comfort and further demonstrate the brand’s commitment to improve safety in the built environment for all.

The MK5 range, which officially launched on Monday 5 October, has been designed and manufactured in the UK at Evac+Chair’s new headquarters in the West Midlands. The specialist in safe emergency evacuation has coupled its 35 years of experience in the market with the findings of customer insight studies to enhance its core platform of products.

The MK5 range retains the iconic blue and yellow colourways with which Evac+Chair has become synonymous, with the enhancements applying to its 300H, 500H and 600H Series products.

The new features and benefits include double-handed grip for enhanced user operation, an anti-slip grip which improves stability and operation, a redesigned hammock and backrest for greater passenger comfort and an upgraded kickstand with repositioned wheels. This allows weight to be distributed more evenly and enhances passenger comfort.

In addition, an enhanced safety belt has been sewn directly into the hammock to reduce wear and tear, while on-board user instructions are easy to follow in times of emergency.

Key priority

“Safe evacuation for everyone is our key priority,” explained Ges Wallace, managing director at Evac+Chair International. “Over the last 35 years, we’ve developed our chair and created the optimum design. However, we’re committed to evolving our products and ensuring that we’re providing the mobility impaired with the best possible means to evacuate a building safely in the event of an emergency.”

Wallace added: “The MK5 range ensures a smooth and safe stairway descent for passengers and operators in any building, whatever its design. Insight from our customers and distributors has proven to be incredibly valuable for our R&D team and our ongoing innovation.”

The 300H Series is the most popular single-person operation evacuation chair in Evac+Chair’s range. The 500H Series has been designed for an increased payload capacity of 227 kg, which enables passengers of any build to be effortlessly evacuated in an emergency.

The 600H Series has been designed to ascend and descend stairways. It therefore offers a universal solution for any situation.

*For more information visit www.evacchair.co.uk