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ID card solutions developer cards-x accesses UK in major expansion drive

31 December 2020

ONE OF mainland Europe’s leading suppliers of security products, ID cards and the specialist print equipment used to create them has now expanded into the UK and opened a new office near York. cards-x was founded near Dusseldorf more than a decade ago and its products are now used in a range of businesses, public sector organisations, sporting venues, exhibitions, public buildings, educational establishments, visitor attractions and event venue.

cards-x is renowned for its innovative digital access solutions, as well as providing fully-managed accreditation services and guest management solutions at venues and events throughout the world.

The company offers an extensive range of plastic card printers and related consumables that enable businesses and organisations to produce their own personalised ID cards both quickly and easily.

Its card production plant in Germany specialises in printing plastic cards in ISO credit card format, as well as other special card formats, for all types of uses including accreditation passes for large sporting events.

The UK division of cards-x is headed up by managing director Andy Reeves who joins the company from global technology giant Matica, the manufacturer of desktop identification hardware used to produce highly secure documents such as passports, financial cards, national ID cards and driving licences. As part of the expansion, cards-x has opened its office and distribution centre on Showfield Lane in Malton.

Gap in the market

In conversation with Security Matters, Reeves stated: “cards-x has an unrivalled track record in the market. There’s a clear gap in the UK for a company that can quicky and efficiently provide a vast range of products, as well as an expert accreditation service.”

Further, Reeves observed: “The expansion of cards-x also comes at a defining point for the industry, with the COVID-19 pandemic currently driving demand for cards to offer more than just identification such that they can also be used for financial transactions, such as cashless catering. Also, there’s now a greater appetite for digital identification passes that can be presented on smart phones.”

In addition, Reeve said: “We’re confident that, as workplaces and venues begin to re-open, demand will increase again for cards in special formats and materials, such as VIP cards for events and traditional ID cards. We plan to grow the team in the UK and will initially create ten new jobs in the next 12 months in a variety of positions including technical, sales and marketing roles. It’s an exciting time for both cards-x and the industry here in the UK.”

Norman Kammerling, Group CEO at cards-x, responded: “Germany and the UK are now two of the biggest markets for security and personalised identification products in the world due to the countries’ underlying commitment to safety, compliance and security. This makes the expansion a particularly exciting opportunity and it will significantly strengthen our foothold in the UK market.”

Kammerling concluded: “We’ve worked with Andy for many years now and he has a superb understanding of the industry, as well as a rich list of contacts and plenty of experience. That makes him the ideal candidate to spearhead this expansion. We’re delighted to welcome him to the Board of Directors.”

*Further information is available online at www.cards-x.co.uk