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SoloProtect set to launch new range of tiered solutions for lone worker security

21 January 2021

INTERNATIONAL LONE worker security and safety business SoloProtect is updating its lone worker offer and launching a range of new tiered solutions. The revamped solution packages afford deploying organisations an enhanced toolkit for consistent safety behaviour and, importantly, a data-driven approach towards lone worker management.

As well as enhanced features within SoloProtect Insights, there’s also a suite of new lone worker devices with future-proofed functionality alongside a variety of simplified purchase options.

Upon launch of the new packages, end user customers will have a variety of options to choose from, with increased transparency on pricing and a clear breakdown of feature benefits within each. This makes it simple for solution specifiers to match against their specific needs.

As a business, SoloProtect provides lone worker protection solutions for tens of thousands of lone workers in several different countries every day. The updated solutions will be rolled out across the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the US at the same time. The company began to hint at a forthcoming solution announcement via its recent ‘Change Is Coming’ campaign.

Steve Hough, president of SoloProtect in the UK and the European Union, commented: “Our new solutions provide a clear choice for customers while giving a range of useful features for them to choose from. Increasing the power of our SoloProtect Insights platform will truly help organisations to leverage intelligent data about their specific solution and how it’s working for them.”

Greater insights

SoloProtect Insights is a comprehensive tool for lone worker managers, designed to help structure a timely roll-out and successful on-boarding and drive effective ongoing solution management.

The platform is a key tool for delivering information to all stakeholders and enables responsibility to be devolved to department managers while remaining a single source of credible information in support of smoother operations.

Further information on SoloProtect Insights and updated solution options will be released from mid-January onwards, as will further details on SoloProtect’s new personal safety device range.

Making good use of German engineering and over 15 years of lone worker market experience, SoloProtect’s updated range boasts improved functionality and will replace the current solutions regime.

Update for SoloProtect ID

The new range features an updated SoloProtect ID device, although this will retain its popular identity badge form-factor which has been used by over 300,000 lone workers in upwards of ten countries internationally.

In addition, two brand new fob-device offerings are also being introduced under the SoloProtect Mini brand, duly delivering a mix of aesthetic and rugged appeal in two distinct designs.

All devices are engineered to deliver enhanced battery life, an intuitive and icon-driven user interface supporting ease of use, 4G cellular connectivity and IP67 water resistance (to survive immersion in water depths of up to one metre for a duration of up to 30 minutes).

*Further information on SoloProtect’s new solutions can be found here