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Profab Access pledges support for comprehensive riser door fire testing and certification

28 September 2020

PROFAB ACCESS, the designer and manufacturer of riser doors and access panel solutions for ceilings, walls and partitions, is raising awareness of the importance of compliant fire testing and certification as part of Fire Door Safety Week 2020.

Following the release of the Hackitt Report, amendments to the Building Regulations Approved Document B (Fire Safety) and, more recently, the issuing of the draft Building Safety Bill, the adequate testing and corresponding certification of fire doors (including riser doors) is being placed under ever-increasing scrutiny.

As part of this year’s campaign, which runs from 21-27 September, Profab Access is encouraging the industry to achieve complete compliance by specifying riser doors that have been rigorously fire tested in both directions by an accredited third party and supplied with comprehensive certification.

Due to the ambiguity and disparities between the guidelines outlined in BS EN 1634 and Annex B of Approved Document B2, some manufacturers may only conduct product assessments or physical fire testing from only one direction.

However, Annex B of Approved Document B2 (Buildings other than Dwelling Houses) stipulates that the requirement for fire doors is for test exposure from each side of the door separately, with the only stated exception being lift doors. As riser doors are not symmetrical either in the door or frame, Profab Access believes these types of fire doors should be subjected to fire testing from both directions, going above the guidance outlined in BS EN 1634 to ensure complete compliance with the legislation outlined in Annex B of Approved Document B2.

This not only demonstrates a clear audit trail of due diligence that supports Dame Judith Hackitt’s ‘golden thread’ of documentation with regard to the performance of a building’s fire integrity, but also provides architects and specifiers with the confidence that the riser doors are supplied with the highest standards in fire testing.

Due diligence

Mick Hill, lead technical manager at Profab Access, explained: “This year’s Fire Door Safety Week provides us with the ideal platform to discuss the importance of ensuring the performance, compliance and certification of riser doors with regard to fire testing in order to fulfil due diligence by making sure the highest levels of protection are being provided.”

Hill continued: “Professionals must be confident the riser doors they’re specifying will not fail in the event of a fire and this can only be achieved by choosing fire integrity products that have undergone extensive fire testing by an accredited third party. This provides architects with the confidence and assurance that they have demonstrated all reasonable measures to ensure the riser doors meet the current legal standards and will not fail in the event of a real fire event.”

During Fire Door Safety Week 2020, professionals have the opportunity to achieve the principles outlined in the draft Building Safety Bill by confirming the riser doors they specify for upcoming projects deliver complete compliance. This also ensures a building will continue to provide the highest standards in fire safety throughout its entire lifecycle.

As a result of its commitment to providing clients with the highest standards in fire testing and certification, Profab Access is currently the only manufacturer in the UK to test its fire integrity riser doors bi-directionally through an individual accredited third party.

*Further information is available online at www.profabaccess.com