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Aico actively promotes mental health and well-being in the workplace

11 May 2021

AS PART of Mental Health Awareness Week 2021, Aico is continuing to raise awareness of – and reduce the stigma surrounding – mental health through the company’s dedicated workplace programme.

Mental Health Awareness Week is a national campaign orchestrated to achieve change and fairness and generate respect around the key issue of mental health. The campaign runs from Monday 10 May until Sunday 16 May. In direct support of the campaign, Aico is championing the ‘Take Ten Minutes to Talk’ initiative launched by the Electrical Industries Charity that’s wholly focused on encouraging colleagues to talk about their mental health

Mental health awareness is an important subject for Aico as a business that strives to support its employees through a dedicated Mental Health Programme. Aico employs four members of staff who are trained mental health First Aiders and provide support for colleagues. The team members deliver monthly presentations to their colleagues, discussing topics such as finance, well-being, caring for elderly relatives and staying healthy.

The Mental Health Programme also encourages open conversations surrounding mental health, demonstrating the progressive and positive culture of the workplace. In a recent presentation, Owen Terry (technical advisor for Aico) shared his own mental health experiences and outlined the benefits of speaking to someone.

Terry commented: “Talking openly about my experiences to my colleagues has been a massive benefit and helped me to overcome what I’ve been through and jump over that last hurdle. Being able to challenge the stigmas around mental health is important. Speaking to someone, be it a friend, a family member or a work colleague, can actually be life-changing.”

Recently, Aico signed a Mental Health Charter created by The Shropshire Chamber of Commerce and Merulae, an organisation specialising in training, counselling and psychotherapy. Aico encourages Shropshire businesses to sign the Charter and make a pledge to recognise the importance of promoting good mental health and improving the well-being of colleagues, which is beneficial to organisations, employers and the business community of Shropshire.

*To find out more about the Mental Health Charter visit: https://www.shropshire-chamber.co.uk/policy-representation/mental-health-charter-2021/

Housebuilder Product Awards 2021

Aico has also announced that its Ei1000G SmartLINK Gateway has been awarded ‘Best Health and Safety Product’ at the Housebuilder Product Awards 2021. The Housebuilder Product Awards were launched in 2013 to celebrate excellence in the products and systems used in the UK’s housebuilding industry.

Aico’s SmartLINK Gateway was designed as an innovative alarm management system to facilitate resident safety and affords a proactive approach to fire and carbon monoxide protection. The Ei1000G provides remote data insight and real-time event notifications for multiple connected alarm systems, enabling proactive monitoring and aiding with compliance for safer homes.

Michael Wright, product development manager at Aico, commented: “We are thrilled that our SmartLINK Gateway has achieved the accolade of at the Housebuilder Product Awards 2021. The Gateway was designed with input from registered social landlords to assure tenant safety at any time by providing real-time remote status information on connected fire and carbon monoxide alarms. This is something that’s invaluable in properties where gaining access can sometimes be difficult.”

Due to this award win, Aico and its Ei1000G SmartLINK Gateway are eligible for entry into the ‘Product of the Year’ category at the Housebuilder Awards that take place on Thursday 3 June.

*For more information on the SmartLINK Gateway solution visit: https://www.aico.co.uk/smartlink-gateway/