Fire-resistant electrical protection enclosures from Spelsberg now even easier to install

14 July 2020

FIRE PROTECTION enclosures designed to protect life-saving electrical systems are now even easier to install following the release of Spelsberg’s Lifeline WKE 2-6 range.

Ensuring functional integrity for 30 to 90 minutes in the event of fire, ease and speed of installation is increased as a result of the enclosures’ flexible mounting system.

New polycarbonate construction ensures a highly robust enclosure in sizes ranging from 100 mm x 100 mm x 70 mm up to 250 mm x 200 mm x 120 mm, with a cross-section from 0.5 mm² to 16 mm².

The Lifeline WKE 2-6 externally mounted enclosures meet standards E30 to E90. As a result, the enclosures ensure the operation of alarms, emergency lighting and evacuation-able elevators for a minimum 30 minutes, as well as fire suppression systems and Fire Brigade lifts for a minimum of 90 minutes.

Thermoplastic polycarbonate construction of the enclosure provides high heat tolerance and is non-conductive, removing the risk of short circuit during a fire. Internally, terminal block clamps are made from high temperature-resistant ceramic. The enclosures are available in formats for connecting and junction, secured junction with fuse included and for communication lines.

Time and cost of installation

To reduce the time and cost of installation, Lifeline WKE 2-6 has been designed to ensure planning freedom. The pre-assembled enclosure can be easily mounted directly on to a fire-resistant wall or ceiling without extensive prior planning of cable routing and protection. The enclosure is quickly, but securely attached by two external, pre-fitted lugs which can be rotated around 90 degrees. The terminal block can also be flexibly adjusted on the base carrier in 45-degree steps by easy adjustment of a central screw on a sliding bracket.

For easier cable routing, cable insertions include pre-punched, patented knock-out membranes on the enclosure housing to enable fast and simple installation. Providing flexibility over terminal mounting, the Lifeline WKE 2-6 mounting rail can be set in two positions to provide space for installing single and double terminals as well as fuse holders. The terminal block can be set on the mounting rail in the high position, while the low position is ideal for specific applications such as D0 fuse mounting.

An optional strap keeps the enclosure cover safe during wiring, while labelling fields on the exterior of the enclosure provide simple identification referencing with application by adhesive strips or waterproof pen.

The Lifeline WKE 2-6 enclosure’s halogen-free, polycarbonate construction also affords high resilience, meeting IP66 standards. This provides total protection from dust ingress as well as from direct high-pressure water jets for up to three minutes. As such, Lifeline WKE 2-6 can withstand extinguisher systems and can also be mounted in an outside environment with an external drainage membrane which assists in water dissipation.

Impact protection

Impact protection achieves IK08, making Lifeline WKE 2-6 a highly robust enclosure that’s able to withstand the equivalent force of 1.7 kg dropped from nearly 30 cm. To protect the enclosures from unauthorised access, sealing is achieved through integrated openings.

Lifeline WKE 2-6 meets British Standard BS 7671 for electrical safety as well as the German electrical circuit fire safety standard DIN 4102-12. The enclosures are also certified in accordance with VDE and ULEU, as well as EN 60670 and IEC 62208.

Importantly, Spelsberg’s Lifeline electrical functional integrity enclosure range includes distribution box format and extends to a cross section of 50 mm². Spelsberg UK’s service includes safety system project planning to ensure correct fitting and rapid installation for all complex projects.