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Spelsberg's fire protection enclosures realise quick installation for cable junctions

18 April 2022

INDUSTRIAL ENCLOSURE manufacturer Spelsberg has issued a quick installation version of its fireproof WKE cable junction box. The new WKE SL includes Wago tool-free cable terminals that save time for the installer.

The junction boxes are rated to E30 circuit integrity class, meaning that they’ll provide functional integrity for at least 30 minutes for fire alarm systems, acoustic systems, emergency lighting and elevators with evacuation function.

Further, the WKE SL enclosures feature screwless Wago TopJobs terminal blocks. With a flick of the thumb, the terminal connections are opened and the cable can be inserted and securely retained. This means tool-free use and renders cable installation much faster.

With E30 fire protection, the enclosure can be used to protect cable junction boxes connecting to equipment that needs to be safely active in the initial phase of a fire. E30 class protection is suitable for circuits connecting alarm units and beacons, as well as emergency lighting.

The new WKE SL cable junction boxes are rated up to 450 Vac and are available in three-pole and five-pole configurations. The boxes can accommodate cable coil cross sections from 0.5 mm² up to 16 mm², while each enclosure can take up to two or four cables.

The outside diameters of the square enclosures are available in 115 mm², 160 mm² and 200 mm². The enclosures are supplied with either two or three cable entry points and the appropriate cable glands are also included.

The enclosures are made from halogen-free special thermosetting plastic and are robust, having been rated to the high impact resistance IK08 certification. The boxes also meet IP66, making the units ‘dust tight’ and providing protection against powerful water jets. The enclosures meet the German VDE product standard.

“The WKE range is long established at providing essential protection for electrical circuits in the event of a fire,” explained Chris Lloyd, Spelsberg UK’s managing director. “The new WKE SL enclosures now make cable junction fitting even faster and easier for installers, with tool-free flick-up terminal connections. This makes it quick and easy to provide security for circuits that are relied on to protect lives when it matters.”

Spelsberg UK’s engineers can provide consultancy and advice on enclosures, design and protection. Onsite CNC machining services also allow Spelsberg UK to provide fast enclosure customisation.

*Further information is available online at www.spelsberg.co.uk