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Siemens focuses on fire detection and alarms at The Fire Safety Event

01 April 2024

EXHIBITING ON Stand B125 in Hall 5 at the National Exhibition Centre, Siemens Smart Infrastructure will be focusing its attentions on the latest developments in fire detection and alarm solutions during The Fire Safety Event 2024.

Recently launched is a new version of Fire Manager, Siemens’ dedicated web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) fire app that affords service providers and fire safety managers alike the capability to view all fire safety sites within their domain in one place. The status of buildings can be easily monitored, with more information available by clicking on a site of interest via a fully encrypted connection that ensures the safety of all data.

The new version is part of the ongoing development of Siemens Building X, itself a digital building platform that supports customers in digitalising, managing and optimising their building operations (ie security, safety, energy usage and HVAC, etc). It enables remote monitoring and intervention, real-time notification and efficient and predictive maintenance.

Fire Manager offers customisable notification via SMS and/or e-mail and data that assists with maintenance and planning. Included in the data that Fire Manager provides from a fire safety system is the potential for disturbance-free testing, which allows detectors to be tested automatically, with the results recorded in the portal.

Alongside Fire Manager, which automatically transmits notifications of the fire system status to service providers, notifications can also be sent to customers by way of Fire Connect, a native iOS and Android app.

Aspirating smoke detection

Also new from Siemens is ASD+, a new generation of aspirating smoke detection. Two new detectors – specifically the FDA261 and FDA262 – are designed to provide solutions for larger and more complex projects.

A single device can cover an impressive area of up to 6,700 m2 (currently the largest coverage area available on the market as of August last year). Even for Class A installations with the highest sensitivity requirements, up to 2,000 m2 of detection coverage is feasible with a single ASD+ detector.

The modular design enables easy replacement of both the detection chamber and the aspirator, all without the need to exchange the entire detector unit, in turn not only extending the product’s lifetime, but also reducing its environmental footprint.

The new ASD+ app ensures fast and easy digital commissioning in a process which is highly automated and intuitive through a QR code-based approach, reducing commissioning costs by up to 20%.

The detection performance of the previous detectors has been enhanced in ASD+ through optics designed for high sensitivity, with optimisation to perform in harsh dirty environments through improved signal processing which differentiates between smoke and dust.

*For further information on Siemens’ fire products visit the website at www.siemens.co.uk/cerberus

**Additional detail concerning Siemens Smart Infrastructure is available online at www.siemens.com/smart-infrastructure