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Clevertronics outlines new features for Zoneworks XT HIVE wireless emergency lighting

19 July 2021

THE LATEST release of Zoneworks XT HIVE issued by Clevertronics includes some exciting new features and benefits, among them the deployment of cloud-based technology and intuitive mobile device applications which remove many of the manual touchpoints of emergency lighting system testing.

Real-world site experience has proven that, by reducing the manual steps involved in commissioning and ongoing maintenance, improvements are realised in terms of efficiency, there’s an increased speed of installation and testing and also a decrease in the risk of human error.

End users who deploy Zoneworks XT HIVE with the L10 Optimum battery also benefit from a ten-year warranty. In short, a decade of worry-free compliance.

Clevertronics is continually redefining emergency and exit lighting strategies with a view to offering “the most sophisticated, collaborative and sustainable compliant system approach” available on the market, while at the same time safeguarding the core goal of increasing life safety in the most cost-efficient way possible.

In 2012, the business launched its L10 Nanophosphate range of products incorporating Lithium Nanophosphate battery technology. The L10 range delivers an impressive 85% reduction in maintenance costs to facility owners.

Innovation at Clevertronics is based on market feedback and a thorough understanding of new technology. The business employs upwards of 20 dedicated R&D engineers who underpin the business’ strong innovation culture.

*Further information is available online at www.clevertronics.co.uk