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Kingspan’s new global innovation centre

16 November 2019

KINGSPAN HAS officially opened the doors to IKON, its new global innovation centre.

Based where it all began at Kingspan's headquarters in Ireland, it is a physical manifestation of this continued commitment to innovation that has underpinned every phase of Kingspan's growth. IIKON has been built to the highest standards of sustainable design and is a showcase for high-performance envelope design using 18 Kingspan products and systems.

The building itself is a living research project, containing multiple IoT devices. Containing state-of-the-art prototype manufacturing, analytical laboratory, mechanical design, customer solution centre and research facilities, IKON will be home to a team of people dedicated to research and development in advanced material science, working closely with innovation teams in Kingspan's businesses across the world. Through technology partnerships, Kingspan is aiming to have the world’s first level 5 maturity digital twin.

Kingspan Group Global Head of Innovation Mike Stenson said: "I strongly believe that the challenges of the future will not be solved by looking backwards. The solutions lie in advanced materials, new technologies, and a data-centric approach to digitalisation. This will transform the way we build and redefine building performance. But it can only be achieved through collaboration, and in cases such as circularity, by systemic change. To this end, we at IKON look forward to working in collaboration with universities, research institutions and industry partners, helping us pursue better building performances and greater value for all."