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Honeywell launches NOTIFIER INSPIRE fire panel for efficient protection

01 January 2024

HONEYWELL HAS unveiled its NOTIFIER INSPIRE fire control system, itself an all-in-one fire panel that delivers “reliable protection, scalability, efficient monitoring” and “flexible and timely” reporting.

The NOTIFIER INSPIRE panel is connected through Honeywell’s Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) platform. CLSS delivers real-time visibility of the fire system to installers, service technicians and facility managers, in turn allowing technicians to diagnose and troubleshoot problems ahead of time, improving first-time fix rates and reducing time spent on-site.

The CLSS platform has witnessed significant adoption with over 600 of Honeywell’s European-based Engineered Service Distributors using the tools. CLSS is changing the way in which fire technicians approach system alarms with 1.25 million connected points on fire systems in more than 5,500 buildings across the region.

“Honeywell is working to integrate intelligence across all aspects of fire and life safety systems in order to create safer and more efficient systems,” explained Jurgen Van Goethem, vice-president and general manager of the commercial fire portfolio at Honeywell Building Technologies.

“When we do this, it means changing building owners’ mindsets to treat fire and life safety systems as assets rather than like an insurance policy. It also moves us towards the creation of truly connected buildings by finally bringing the most essential building system online.”

Speed and modularity

The NOTIFIER INSPIRE panel allows building operators and facilities teams to react quickly and accurately to reported alarms without the need for elaborate product training.

NOTIFIER INSPIRE features modularity that allows the system to be easily expanded, creating a system that grows with a building. The system reduces the amount of equipment needed, further decreasing the potential maintenance, replacements parts and overall inventory management required.

The modern and intuitive touchscreen display helps minimise human error. For their part, the new annunciators are more versatile and can be programmed as LED indicators, action buttons or a combination of both. This enhances technician efficiency by minimising disruption, maximising remote productivity and supporting compliance.

In addition to its ability to scale and expand with a given building, the NOTIFIER INSPIRE system is backwards compatible with existing devices and systems. This allows Engineered Service Distributors and technicians to manage and maintain with NOTIFIER systems in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

*Further information is available online by visiting the Honeywell Building Technologies website