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ERA offers schools Lockdown subsidy

06 March 2019

LOCKDOWN, THE UK’s first emergency barricade device that can lock down a door in seconds in a crisis situation, is being made available to schools at a heavily subsidised price from ERA, the UK’s leading home security specialist as part of its new ‘Support for Schools’ campaign.

Designed to provide high performance security in the event of a threatening situation, Lockdown is ideal for schools as it is simple and easy to fit, making doors inaccessible to intruders and creating a safe hiding place for students and teachers in the event of an attack. 

ERA’s Head of Marketing, Tania Tams said, "We now live in a world where threatening situations in varied locations are becoming sadly more commonplace, and schools and colleges are being encouraged to plan for such emergencies. Lockdown provides the perfect solution – it is simple and easy to fit, making doors or corridors inaccessible to intruders and creating a safe hiding place for students and teachers in the event of an attack.

"However, we are also very aware of the financial constraints currently placed upon schools and with budgets for fundamental equipment like books already under strain, essential safety items such as Lockdown (for multiple rooms and corridors) although important, may come further down the list. Whilst the costs associated with Lockdown are perfectly acceptable to any commercial organisation, they may appear challenging for schools.

"For this reason, and to ensure we put our children’s wellbeing ahead of profit, ERA’s ‘Support for Schools’ campaign is offering Lockdown at a special subsidised price, available only to educational establishments."

Tania continued, "Lockdown is a brilliant product and whilst new to the UK market, it has already been welcomed by senior UK security personnel and specialist agencies.  We have had resounding interest from all parts of the world and varied commercial and public organisations are looking to incorporate Lockdown products into their invacuation / security plan."

Lockdown fits in with the updated National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) safety advice which suggests the development of dynamic lockdown procedures and the use of secondary devices for ‘invacuation’ rather than evacuation to barricade people in a room safely and keep the external threat out.

Robust and lightweight, Lockdown is available for both single and double doors, whether inward or outward swinging and fitted with or without traditional locks. Tested to PAS24 impact resistance standards, single door Lockdown fits doors from 650mm-1100mm width, weighs 4kg and takes seconds to fit. The double door option fits doors up to 60mm, weighs 1.6kg and again takes seconds to create a secure barricade to outside entry.

For further information on ERA Lockdown, visit www.eraeverywhere.com. Interested parties should contact the sales team on 01922 490 000 or email info@eraeverywhere.com