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Gamification reaches the process industry

07 December 2017

NESTE JACOBS has launched a new game called NAPCON Games Distiller for operator training in the process industry.

Designed to train operators in the distillation process, the NAPCON Games Distiller can be used in practically any branch of the process industry that includes distillation. Sophisticated scoring systems and instant feedback enables players to track their progress and learn at a faster pace compared to traditional training methods. 

The game has been piloted with customers prior to launching and the results are very promising; all the respondents stated that the learning experience was suitable for their training needs and 75% stated that their learning time was decreased. The game is the first one of a completely new generation of training games. 

NAPCON Games sales manager Mika Neffling said: “Although the main target is to train operators, the game is still very fun and engaging to play. Gamification is one of the best ways to enhance training in any field. 

“The game works just as well for beginners as for more experienced operators. It offers a safe way of learning in a digital yet realistic environment.”

In the future, Neste Jacobs plans to launch more training games for other fields within the process industry. In addition to the industry, the game can also be used by universities and other educational institutes.

For more information, visit www.nestejacobs.com