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Gas cages protecting against explosions

20 September 2017

GAS CYLINDER Cages are now an essential part in the security and safety of storing Gas Cylinders within any business, construction site, public sector premises or private residence.

Not only do gas cages offer security from theft but they also offer safety against the torpedo effect caused by a severed regulator or even airborne shrapnel in the unfortunate event of an explosion due to an outbreak of fire.

A Gas Cage is also a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) requirement for any business storing gas cylinders in an area which allows public access. The HSE actively inspected businesses for gas cylinder storage throughout the UK in 2017 and are due to increase the number of business’s inspected. Gas Cage Direct offers:

  • Bespoke solutions;
  • High security cages;
  • Accessories available – Retaining Chains, wall bracket;
  • Easy to build and install;
  • Floor fixing bolts also available; and 
  • Some standard painted cages delivery in five working days.

For more information, or to place your order please call the Gas Cage Direct sales team, on 01293 515008, email sales@gascagedirect.co.uk or visit www.gascagedirect.co.uk