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SALTO Systems gains Enhanced Level IoT Kitemark from British Standards Institution

11 September 2020

SALTO SYSTEMS, the manufacturer of electronic access control solutions, has become the first company to achieve the British Standards Institution (BSI) Enhanced Level IoT Kitemark for access control systems.

The IoT is typically a network of smart devices and systems that can be connected, enabling data to be exchanged to provide services, efficiency and innovation. Its technology can positively enhance lives and businesses, but the complexity of the IoT also means that those of criminal intent may attempt to use it to steal data, hack cameras, enter buildings or otherwise breach security.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has assessed the growing threat and created a Code of Practice for IoT security in collaboration with the National Cyber Security Centre and experts from academia and industry. The BSI has been part of this collaborative work to give clarity on Best Practice for IoT security, subsequently developing a scheme to assess connected/IoT devices.

In essence, the scheme determines whether a product has the appropriate security controls for its intended use and is suitably supported throughout its intended life. This cyber/physical security scheme forms the security element of the BSI Kitemark for IoT/Connected products.

The Enhanced Level IoT Kitemark demonstrates that a connected product has a higher level of security controls in place than the market standard for its type and is generally suitable for higher value or risk applications. Assessment to this level involves solutions being scrutinised under the BSI’s most in-depth and exacting testing and analysis procedures.

To achieve certification, the SALTO XS4 One access control solution had to meet the requirements of a Quality Management System such as ISO 9001 to demonstrate functional, safety and interoperability performance. SALTO’s solution was also required to undergo advanced security testing for vulnerabilities and security flaws in the BSI’s state-of-the-art IoT laboratory.

Secure Digital Applications Kitemark

Furthermore, SALTO also submitted its JustIN mobile app and ProAccess Space web services for assessment under the BSI’s Secure Digital Applications Kitemark, thereby ensuring that the wider system associated with the XS4 One also had the appropriate security controls in place to provide support on an effective basis.

SALTO Systems’ managing director Ramesh Gurdev explained: “This achievement is yet another milestone that sets SALTO Systems apart from other solution providers in the market. We’re immensely proud to have achieved the Enhanced Level IoT Kitemark. It provides a mark of trust for current and potential customers to demonstrate that our connected products are safe, secure and fit for purpose throughout their lifespan. Combining this with the Secure Digital Applications Kitemark for our app and web services gives further confidence to our customers that we’ve taken care of security across our whole ecosystem.”

David Mudd, global digital and connected product certification manager at the BSI, added: “SALTO Systems has focused heavily on the security aspects of the whole environment of the organization’s access control solution. Achieving the Enhanced Level IoT Kitemark has enabled the organisation to demonstrate that its XS4 One product exceeds the market standard for security control.”

Mudd concluded: “Additionally, certification to the Secure Digital Applications Kitemark for the JustIN app and web services will provide further reassurance to SALTO’s customers that the company’s entire access control ecosystem has the appropriate security control in place.”

*Further information is available online at www.saltosystems.com/en/