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Frontier Pitts achieves “LPCB world first” with joint LPS 1175 and IWA 14 certification

01 October 2020

FRONTIER PITTS has become the first company to attain the Loss Prevention Certification Board’s (LPCB) certification for an HVM bi-folding gate to both the international standard for vehicle resistance (IWA 14) and forced entry protection (LPS 1175).

The company’s Terra bi-folding gate is the first and only Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) product to be listed in the Red Book Live to both IWA 14-1 and LPS 1175.

The HVM Terra bi-folding gate has been successfully designed to resist manual forced entry in accordance with LPS 1175: Issue 8 Security Rating 2 (B3). Such attacks involve the use of a wide array of highly portable and concealable manual tools and last for at least three minutes.

Furthermore, in what the business describes as a “world first”, the Double Leaf Terra bi-folding gate has also met the requirements of IWA 14-1, stopping a 7.2 tonne vehicle travelling at 30 mph with minimal penetration.

Red Book listing

Sally Osmond, brand and development manager at Frontier Pitts, informed Security Matters: “After months of development, we’re extremely proud to see our Terra bi-folding gate become the first product ever to be listed in the Red Book Live as being certified to both IWA 14-1 and LPS 1175. We’re the first perimeter security solutions manufacturer to have a Red Book listing for an HVM product impact-tested and certified to IWA.”

Osmond continued: “We’ve worked very hard in developing our vast portfolio of LPS 1175 bi-folding gates, realising the first automatic bi-folding gate to achieve the LPCB certification and then taking the next step to achieve the joint certification with an HVM product.”

Having worked closely with the LPCB for nearly a decade now, Frontier Pitts is proud of its extensive range of intruder-resistant automatic gates and turnstiles that have achieved certification to LPS 1175.

The Terra bi-folding gate combines the company’s expertise in both the IWA 14 impact testing and LPS 1175 fields, providing end user customers with both significant levels of resistance to forced entry and HVM in a single solution.

Highly demanding standard

Richard Flint, technical and business development manager at the Building Research Establishment, commented: “Frontier Pitts has once again stood out from the crowd. Not only is the business the first manufacturer to successfully meet the LPCB’s rigorous criteria for certification to the internationally recognised IWA 14-1 standard for vehicle impact resistance, but the Terra bi-folding gate has also achieved certification to the highly demanding LPS 1175 standard, duly achieving a Security Rating 2 (B3) for forced entry classification.”

On that last point, Flint observed: “This is no mean achievement and provides specifiers and other stakeholders alike with unrivalled certainty regarding the resistance to vehicle impact and manual forced entry they can expect to receive from the solution when deploying this perimeter protection solution.”

*Further information is available online at www.frontierpitts.com