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DOM access control solutions designed to meet specification

26 March 2020

So, you’re a security installer and a tender appears on your desk specifying access control for a new building.

The facilities manager is looking for particular solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and offer the following:

  • Total secured access for the right people and particular areas within a building 
  • A suitable solution, which allows the team to manage all areas of a building 
  • Recommended access control hardware and access management software must have the ability to allocate date/times, on when individuals can gain access
  • Determine a number of people with separate access levels

When referring to access, for many building managers, it is about convenience, and to nurture an environment that authenticates access. With adequate provisions in place that allow entry to the right people at the right times, because not everyone needs access to every single door entrance, all the time.

“It is imperative for security installers specialsing in access control to keep-up-to-date with security trends and what locking providers have available in the market today," Owen Boothby, access control specialist at DOM UK, said. “We have some amazing products in our range, each of which can provide a significant benefit to any environment.”

DOM access control hardware

ENiQ Guard Digital Door Handle is described as an aesthetically pleasing, stylish and elegant form of door hardware. Designed to fit new and existing doors, it is also available with a cylinder override, enabling users to manually unlock the device in any situation that may require emergency access. 

DOM ENiQ Pro Digital locking cylinder offers a sleek product available in 12 different variants, each designed to meet bespoke requirements.

In addition, learn more about what you can offer your customers, to help control and monitor the entrances of a busy building. The ENiQ AccessManager wall reader is reliable, durable, smart, and versatile. The product can be implemented when managing access points deemed to experience substantial footfall.

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DOM will be exhibiting at TSE 2020 – September 22nd-23rd, Hall 4.