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C-TEC releases revamped NC951 accessible toilet alarm kit

26 August 2021

C-TEC HAS developed and released an updated version of its NC951 accessible toilet alarm kit. Compact and cost-effective, the new-look kit contains everything that’s required to create a BS 8300 clause-compliant single zone emergency assistance system for any building.

In addition to allowing distressed people to raise an alarm in the event of an emergency, the toilet alarm kit also includes a ‘Call Accept’ function to allow staff to send an intermittent call acknowledgment signal inside the WC compartment and confirm that help is on the way.

Encased in environmentally friendly packaging, the kit now features an updated NC807C pull cord unit that can be mounted on a ceiling or on a wall according to the application.

C-TEC’s sales manager Brian Foster commented: “The re-packaging and added versatility of the NC951 is testament to our commitment to continuously refine and improve existing products. We believe this new version will prove very popular, and particularly so as we’ve kept the cost of the product the same.”

Currently celebrating its 40th Anniversary, C-TEC is a specialist developer of life-safety systems. The company’s latest innovations include CAST (an own-protocol fire detection and alarm system), Hush (the BS 5839-6 Grade C domestic fire alarm system) and EVAC-ALERT, an evacuation alert system designed to meet the exact requirements of BS 8629:2019.

*Further information is available online at www.c-tec.com