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NSI endorses new contract for the web

27 November 2019

The National Security Inspectorate (NSI) has announced its endorsement of the new Contract for the Web.

 NSI, the UK’s leading independent third party Certification Body in the security and fire safety sectors, is one of the first organisations to support this initiative.  The Contract for the Web provides a shared global plan to protect a free and open web that works for the public good.

Written by over 80 experts with input from hundreds of individuals, the Contract recognises that everyone has a role to play in safeguarding the future of the Web.  This fact is articulated in the Contract’s nine principles. The principles for companies include working towards an ever-increasing quality of service, supporting corporate accountability and robust privacy and data protection by design, and being accountable for their work, through regular reports. These principles align with NSI’s key values of integrity, independence and continuous improvement. The Contract is published at https://contractfortheweb.org

Richard Jenkins, chief executive of the NSI, said: "The Web is fundamental to everyday life across the entire planet.  By endorsing the Contract we are committing to managing our on-line presence within a robust frame work for governance, in our work of promoting the value of third party certification to buyers and specifiers of services, facilitating the auditing process and explaining the benefits working with NSI approved companies to the wider public.”