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HID Global acquires miniaturised reader devices developer Access-IS

17 August 2020

HID GLOBAL has acquired Access-IS, the technology provider of miniaturised reader devices that combine a number of key technologies ideal for mission-critical environments. Access-IS’ proven technology and solutions broaden HID Global’s technology portfolio, accelerate its vertical market expansion and add new product offerings to meet customers’ evolving needs for integrated and digitised solutions.

Access-IS’ technology, products and solutions have been developed with a focus on innovative design and quality for over three decades now. From barcode reading and image processing for document scanning through to NFC and EMV for mobile ticketing, Access-IS has brought to market a range of devices that have been deployed worldwide in major cities and countries across a number of key verticals, among them finance, transportation and Government.

“Access-IS solutions is a good fit for HID,” said Björn Lidefelt, CEO of HID Global. “Strategically aligned with both our existing Extended Access Technologies business and HID’s transport and ticketing solutions in the Identification Technologies business, Access-IS will enhance HID’s industry leadership while positioning us for growth in a variety of attractive markets. HID and Access-IS share a similar purpose of embedding trust in physical products as a bridge to the digital world.”

The company extends HID’s technology and product portfolio with proven solutions deployed worldwide. More than 100 million transactions are processed through Access-IS products on a daily basis, while its installed base includes over 20,000 systems used in public transportation and ticketing around the world.

There are presently more than 50,000 users of Access-IS’ identity and security solutions (e-Passport, e-ID and e-driver’s license readers for Government and commercial applications). Installations feature at over 200 airports, including 20 of the Top 30 airports in the world.

In addition to building upon Access-IS’ existing vertical markets, HID will leverage the company’s technology to fuel further expansion. EMV contactless payment readers from Access-IS will broaden HID’s offer in the financial sector and other markets.

Access-IS was founded back in 1985 and is based in Reading. With 120 employees serving customers in upwards of 200 countries, the Access-IS team has a strong core competency in enabling quick, accurate and reliable identification and payment in integrated solutions. This expertise complements HID’s know-how in driving innovation that ensures the safety and security of people and places around the world, especially so when it comes to mission-critical environments.

Access-IS is now a designated Business Unit within HID’s Extended Access Technologies business area, which is led by Steve Currie (vice-president and managing director).