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Preparing for winter

10 December 2019

Research shows that the UK construction market sees a dip in productivity during the colder months of the year.

Whilst seasonality can affect projects around the UK, Nullifire from tremco illbruck ensures that, by using SC902, one area of construction that can be completed during the winter months is fire protection. 

Traditional intumescent coatings for steel framed buildings are predominantly water-based and, as such, cannot be applied below 5°c, or in areas of high humidity, both of which are often experienced. 

SC902 from Nullifire overcomes this; the hybrid intumescent is suitable for all year-round application. Firstly, SC902 can be applied at lower ambient temperatures - as low as 0°c - as well as in higher humidity. The weather should not hinder the application of SC902 as this product can also be applied onsite during the rainy conditions that we often face here within the UK. 

Unlike other intumescent coatings, SC902 dries quickly and can resist normal precipitation in about one hour. Importantly, only one coat of SC902 is needed to achieve a final Dry Film thickness to achieve a full two-hour fire rating, as opposed to multiple coats of a traditional product. So, by specifying SC902, finding the application window for the correct temperature and humidity only needs to happen once during construction.