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360 Vision Technology introduces PoE capability on rugged PTZ cameras

20 May 2020

360 VISION Technology, the CPNI and CAPSS accredited manufacturer of rugged PTZ and thermal imaging cameras, has announced the launch of Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability across its range of rugged PTZ cameras.

In response to customer demand, 360 Vision Technology has confirmed that PoE capability, compliant to the 90 W IEEE 802.3bt PoE standard, has now been added to the core range options of the company's popular Invictus and Predator cameras.

“In the wake of the recent announcement relating to our ‘super low power’ camera options, we're delighted to be able to make the new PoE capability available to our customers,” said Mark Rees, managing director at 360 Vision Technology. “The demand for PoE cameras has increased significantly due to the additional benefits available with this technology. Site installation flexibility, and a reduction in both cabling and hardware requirements, are ‘game-changers’, particularly so in locations where there is no localised power available. Our recent drive to dramatically improve power efficiency and green energy credentials has enabled us to add this important feature to the new generation of both camera ranges.”

The new PoE capability extends to all options on the Invictus range, including those with infrared and white light. For the Predator range, PoE is available for lighting options up to 250 metres for both infrared and/or white light.

Rees continued: “We are extremely proud of our recent and significant product enhancements. This PoE capability is another extension of our extremely progressive development roadmap, which includes the recently released Wireless TX unit and low power camera options. We have further innovative developments on the way very soon, particularly so in relation to our thermal imaging capabilities and other third party integrations. It really is very much a case of ‘watch this space’ for  product news from 360 Vision Technology.”