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Demand For Cova Products at Football Stadiums

14 March 2018

COVA HAS seen a huge rise in demand its products to be installed in Football Stadiums up and down the country, from Premier League to local clubs where there is an ever pressing need to protect large crowds from vehicle attack.

It has also been publicised recently that there have been briefing sessions held at Old Trafford and Wembley in which the Counter Terror Police (CTP) briefed key reprentatives from the majority of UK football clubs on the changing nature of the vehicle threats following on from the vehicle attacks last year, would have also raised awareness across the industry of the need for added protection.

Following up on these enquiries it’s become evident that thankfully, most UK stadiums already are equipped with high levels security, and the demand is to either upgrade and/or replace existing standard products currently in place with HVM (hostile vehicle mitigation) PAS 68 crash rated barriers, road blockers and bollards.

As every product that Cova design, manufacture and install is bespoke to the specific site conditions, what with the 2018 football season finishing in May, there is a huge appetite for the installations at the grounds to be completed in time for the first matches of the season in August.

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